Vintage Style Handmade Wooden Lobster Buoys

These buoys are made by us, by hand. Each is unique and has old fisherman twine to hang it. Our extended family made these wood buoys, used by lobster fishermen to mark their traps. Each fisherman had their own colours to mark their traps or nets. They would have up to 300 buoys of one colour. These wooden buoys are no longer used for fishing as they foul the prop of the boats. But, they make great décor for the ocean oriented person! We make them in three sizes:


Mini wooden buoy


Mini Buoys, assorted colours

Approx 4 inches (10 cm) high, 1¾ inches (4.5 cm) wide. This wee one is for décor only. We love this size for tabletop, weddings, ornaments, or hung in a group for punch and WoW factor. Those who want them for a convention or wedding should contact us as we do custom work.
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Price: $6.00

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Approx 8 inches (20 cm) high, 3 inches  (8 cm) wide.
This is a tailing buoy. It was used by lobster fishermen when the tides were stronger. Sometimes the tides would suck the larger ones down under water and these little ones, being lighter, would not get sucked under as easily. There were only a few tide days in each year when they would need to do this.
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Price: $12.00

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Approx 14 inches (36 cm) high, 5 inches (13 cm) wide. This is the old-style lobster float buoy that was used by lobster fishermen to secure their traps.
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Extra Large

Extra Large Buoy
These jumbo buoys were originally used as cod trap net markers. We have modelled our handmade ones after the working buoys from days gone by. Wonderful for the entrance way to a beach house, poolside or general landscaping. Good for stores to advertise on as well! (See our custom section.)
They measure approx 34 inches (87 cm) in height x 15 inches (38 cm) square at the base. Approx 70 lbs ( 31.75 kg) each. These are generally in stock, otherwise allow 4 to 6 months.


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Custom Numbered, Lettered Buoys

We welcome custom orders for our buoys – whether it be certain colour combinations, letters for wedding tables, numbers, or spelling out a special person’s name.
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Buoy Place Card Holders

Buoy Place Card Holder
Made with our 8-inch (20 cm) buoys.
Price: $14.00

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Styrofoam Buoys

Old styrofoam buoys from the shores of Nova Scotia. Available in small and large sizes, we assort the colours.
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Buoy Bunting Strings

Buoy Bunting
This is a string of wooden buoys tied and strung along old manila fishing line with ties at either end. It is approximately 10 feet (3.05 meters) long, and has 5 buoys. Each wooden buoy is about 8 inches (20 cm) high x 3 inches (8 cm) wide. The beauty of these buoys is they are thin and therefore light to ship! They can be personalized with letters or numbers in any length. We have spelled out “Happy Birthday” and even “Yes Dear” !! We do have a few colour options as well!
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Price: $30.00

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Antique Buoys

From time to time we have some very old buoys in a variety of sizes and colours. For the serious collector!
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