Handmade Nautical Burlap Bunting/Banner

burlap bunting banner


Burlap Bunting Letters

Custom lettered to order for weddings & events, this is a string of burlap pennants or swallowtail flags each approx 8 inches wide by 10 inches long. The string tie ends are approx 12 inches long. Each flag has a letter; you can say anything you would like. We can string them on one long string, or break them down in words and you can tie them together at your venue
You can specify any colour for the letters/numbers. Please contact us for custom work. We are happy to do whatever you need! Easy to ship flat worldwide.
Works well with our Signal Flag Banners!
The cost is $18.00 for 5 lettered flags.
We do give quantity discounts – for instance,
cost for 20 letters is $60.00. Please enquire further.

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Buoy Place Card Holders

Buoy Place Card Holder
Made with our 8-inch (20 cm) buoys.
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Driftwood Sailboats

Set Sail for a Loving Life!
Driftwood sailboats with vintage linen & lace sails. For beach or lakeside wedding tables, may be used as table décor, favours, cake toppers, etc. We do a variety of sizes, and they are cheaper by the dozen!
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Driftwood Mirrors

We now have a whitewashed version of our natural driftwood mirrors.
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